PiQo4: An Expert’s Laser of Choice for Deep Pigmentation

Publish Date:

  • Nov 24, 2019


  • 15 Minutes

Dr. David Goldberg shares his experience with PiQo4 platform on Melasma treatment, based on a clinical study he has performed with the system on that pigmentation condition. In this webinar Dr. Goldberg:

  • Talks about PiQo4 main features and advantages
  • Explains about PiQo4 use and choice of settings for Melasma treatment
  • Shows how to treat a patient with PiQo4
  • The treated patient, Miss Julie Wilson, speaks about her experience undergoing a PiQo4 treatment on Melasma.

Dr. David Goldberg
MD, JD. Dermatology. Position; CLINICAL PROFESSOR


PB-00001640 Rev A