CO2 Laser Accessories for Gynecology

Comprehensive suite of designated surgical tools for greater performance and precision

The Lumenis CO2 product line offers the versatility to choose the right technology and delivery mode for individual patient care. Comprehensive suite of varies laser system modalities and surgical tools is available and can be selected according to the surgeon preference and addressable indications.

FreeBeam delivery, is suitable for colposcopy and laparoscopy. The SurgiTouch™ scanner and its operating system has become an industry benchmark for precision in CO2 laser surgery, assuring reproducible tissue-effects that can be perfectly tailored to patient anatomy. For Laparoscopy, the SurgiTouch is connected using Beam alignment units to commonly available operating laparoscopes. For Colposcopy, the laser FreeBeam arm is connected to commonly available operating Microscopes or Colposcopes using Lumenis designated micromanipulators. Additionally, for vaginal and vulvar surgery, Lumenis offers a set of designated scanning and non-scanning handpeices.

CO2 Laser Fiber delivery is mostly suitable for Laparoscopy and for robotic assisted gynecological surgery. The CO2 fiber utilizations allow maximal flexibility and minimal disturbance to surrounding healthy tissue. FiberLase CO2 fiber technology used either in robotic surgery or with specially designed GYN Laparoscopic handpieces, feature consistent, high energy transmission, aiming beam and a fiber tip that can be renewed during a procedure. This helps assure delicate and controlled tissue management, fast procedure times, and cost effective procedures.

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The Delicate GYN LAP CO2 Laser Solution

The handpiece selection of the Lumenis family of CO2 laser fibers and systems is designated to allow operation and precise energy delivery adjacent to critical structures such as the ureter, bladder, rectum and mainly the reproductive organs. It is intended to facilitate the surgeons’ technique of preference, through a trocar cannula or the suction irrigator for optimal maneuverability.

Lumenis Head & Neck Devices

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