Lumenis MOSES Laser Technology used by 85% of Honor Roll Hospitals named in the latest edition of U.S. News & World Report

MOSES for urinary stones and BPH treatments demonstrates 20% faster procedures and same day discharge, supporting value-based health care for patients and care-providers1

May 26, 2020 – Yokneam, Israel

Lumenis Ltd, the world’s largest energy-based medical device company for aesthetic, surgical, and ophthalmic applications, is pleased to share that 85% of “Honor Roll List” hospitals (as selected by the 2019-2020 US News and World Report) chose the Lumenis MOSES Laser Technology as their go-to technology for the treatment of urinary stones and enlarged prostate (BPH).

Initially released in 2017, MOSES Technology is designed to help urologists improve procedural outcomes and increase case volume while providing excellent patient satisfaction. The MOSES Technology, whose advantages continue to be demonstrated in dozens of clinical and research papers, utilizes a patent-protected pulse modulation technology to greatly improve energy transmission. This facilitates more efficient lithotripsy and BPH treatments compared to the regular Holmium pulse.2,3
In clinical trials, MOSES displayed 20% faster procedures and 50% reduction in retropulsion, minimizing incidents of ureteral stone migration into the kidney and avoiding stone-chasing.1,2,4 In BPH, MOSES allows the doctor to perform the HoLEP procedure in an outpatient facility with same day discharge, catheter free. This is supported by 15% faster enucleation and 40% faster hemostasis.

Selected for the 2019-2020 Honor Roll List are hospitals including the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN), Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA), and Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD).

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“We are very proud that the majority of these distinguished care providers have opted for MOSES as a key part of their urological clinical armamentarium,” said Tzipi Ozer-Armon, CEO, Lumenis. “The MOSES technology, and its ever-expanding clinical evidence base, are a true representation of our continuous drive to offer better technology for better patient care through unparalleled innovation and collaboration with leading urologists around the globe.”

Brad Oliver, President of the Americas at Lumenis, added, “We look forward to bringing MOSES to additional hospitals and health systems across the country. By facilitating same-day patient release for urinary stone and BPH patients, MOSES can free hospital beds for acute care and help reduce the unfortunate backlog of cases caused by COVID-19.”

In 2019, MOSES was selected as the Silver Winner in the Operating Room Medical Device category of the 21st Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition.


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