Patients Reap Rewards of Investment in State-of-the-Art Laser Technology by Central Ohio Urology Group

COLUMBUS, Ohio — July 27, 2021

Nearly two years ago, Central Ohio Urology Group (COUG) became the first in Columbus to offer the state-of-the-art MOSES Pulse 120H holmium laser by Lumenis for minimally invasive surgery to remove kidney stones. This week, physicians at COUG are reporting how the introduction of this technology has benefited patients, as well as describing plans to offer the new gold-standard treatment for enlarged prostate, called holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP).

“The technology actually enables us to precisely and efficiently ‘dust’ and fragment most ureteral and kidney stones, so patients can go home stone-free.”

  • More patients are stone-free after surgery, compared to other procedures. That means a better immediate result and less risk for additional surgery later.
  • Because MOSES laser surgery is approved for stones of all sizes, more patients can have the minimally invasive MOSES laser procedure with flexible ureteroscopy instead of more involved surgery that requires a hospital stay.
  • Surgery is shorter because the MOSES laser works more efficiently. In addition, surgeons no longer need to “stage” stone procedures in two or more parts, pausing between stages to allow tissue to heal and confirm there is no infection.
  • Faster surgery time allows COUG to treat more patients per day, so patients don’t need to wait to schedule surgery. Shorter surgery also means patients spend less time under anesthesia, which allows them to recover from surgery more quickly and lowers anesthesia costs.
  • Because this minimally invasive procedure is very safe, it can be done at outpatient surgery centers, so patients don’t need to check into the hospital.

“Safety and quality are most important to us, which is why we’ve made it a priority to offer less invasive, faster surgery with the MOSES laser,” said COUG surgeon Dr. Rashmi I. Patel. “The technology actually enables us to precisely and efficiently ‘dust’ and fragment most ureteral and kidney stones, so patients can go home stone-free.”

“Now we’re treating stones with greater safety, efficacy and speed, and we’re excited to report that we’ll soon be bringing the same gold-standard care to enlarged prostate, which affects more than half of men over age 60,1” said COUG urologist Dr. Adam C. Weiser. “HoLEP surgery with the MOSES laser will allow us to treat prostates of any size in a safe, effective, minimally invasive outpatient procedure.”

“Adding the revolutionary MOSES Pulse 120H to COUG has been an important step forward for men’s health in central Ohio,” explained COUG CEO Mark Cherney. “Our surgeons have been able to deliver exceptional clinical outcomes for patients with kidney stones. With the addition of HoLEP for treatment of enlarged prostates, COUG will continue to press forward in our commitment to provide advanced, compassionate care to patients in our region.”

1. Claus G Roehrborn CG. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: An Overview. Rev Urol. 2005; 7(Suppl 9): S3–S14.

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