How I Tripled My Dry Eye Revenues

Hiba Abidelkarem

Six months after purchasing OptiLight and focusing his practice on dry eye, Shane Swatts, OD, has tripled revenues, and he’s enjoying his work more than ever.

VIDEO: Assign staff member to work with dry eye patients

Roei Shoustak

Cases in Dr. Carly Rose’s dry eye clinic have “exploded” when adding OptiLight to her practice. Her secrets: Offer OptiLight early to get a head of inflammation and assign a staff member to be the dry eye “coach”.

A New Dawn for Dry Eye: Lumenis OptiLight™

Roei Shoustak

Eyes on Eyecare gathers insights from patients and practitioners on the first and only FDA-approved IPL for dry eye management: OptiLight by Lumenis.

Laser treatment vs drops

Roei Shoustak

Weighing first-line therapies for glaucoma? Dr. Kristin O. Chapman explains how to answer the question: Should you prescribe drops first or start with SLT?

Dry eyes and the postoperative patient

Roei Shoustak

Treating surgical patients’ dry eye requires a team approach, according to Dr. Shilpa Rose, who explains her approach after a range of procedures such as OptiLight.