Certified Service

For Medical Equipment Repair And Maintenance

At Lumenis we are committed to providing the highest quality and the most comprehensive service in the industry for medical equipment repair and maintenance. Lumenis Service provides you with peace of mind, so you can focus on patient care, not the equipment.

  • Lumenis service is provided only by manufacturer-certified Service Engineers
  • Lumenis Service Engineers are certified, trained and constantly updated on all recent procedures and updates required by the manufacturer
  • Only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts are used to ensure optimal performance of Lumenis systems
  • Maximized operational uptime with Preventative Maintenance and timely response
  • Lumenis has more than 40 years of experience providing service solutions to our customers with the largest multidisciplinary service organization in the laser industry
  • Highly experienced and dedicated team of Service Medical Laser Engineers with an average tenure of 14 years
  • Technical Support Call Center representatives available 24/7/365 to assist you

Service Plans

Lumenis provides you with the most comprehensive service and maintenance plans in the industry for medical laser repair and maintenance. Variety of Service Plans were tailored to meet your individual needs and provide you with unsurpassed quality, timely, and cost-effective service.

  • Comprehensive, all inclusive coverage; includes all manufacturer-certified parts, wear and tear, labor and travel1
  • Preventative Maintenance included in all plans to ensure safety and compliance with the latest Federal, State, CMS, The Joint Commission and ANSI regulations
  • Priority response and resolution
  • Loaner system for extended repair scenarios2
  • Access to refurbished parts2
  • Periodic software updates required by a manufacturer to ensure reliability and optimal performance of the Lumenis system
  • User and bio-medical technical in-service laser training available on all Lumenis Service Plans3
  • Variety of solutions to accommodate our customers’ various financial and risk management

Maximized Uptime for Your System
As the manufacturer, only Lumenis has the ability to perform post-market surveillance of tens of thousands of Lumenis systems all over the world to identify any potential risks and safety issues and act proactively to prevent them by installing software updates, performing calibrations, and ensuring a Lumenis system performs at its optimal level. By doing so we are able to minimize unnecessary downtime of your Lumenis system and reduce your corrective service expenses.
Regulatory Compliance
Lumenis Service partners with our customers to ensure safety and compliance with the latest CMS and The Joint Commission requirements, the highest quality standards in the industry. According to the updated CMS4 and The Joint Commission5 requirements, Medical Laser devices’ maintenance should be performed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and is not eligible to be managed via an Alternate Equipment Management (AEM) program. These regulations intend to limit potential for injury and inadvertent light exposure during service of the Medical Laser devices.
In order to comply with the highest regulatory standards Lumenis Service provides you with:

  • Service by Lumenis Certified Service Engineers, who embrace the highest degree of training,
    state of-the-art tools, superior process and up-to-date procedures in place to comply
    with FDA 21CFR820, ANSI Z136.3, ISO 13485, CMS and The Joint Commission
  • Comprehensive compliance and quality management system based on FDA 21CFR820,
    ANSI Z136.3, ISO 13485, CMS and The Joint Commission’s latest requirements.
  • Lumenis Service promotes user and patient safety with a complete safety check during
    every Preventative Maintenance Service in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Readily available validation and up-to-date computerized individual equipment history records
    to support The Joint Commission requirements.
  • Lumenis Service is performed only by manufacturer trained and certified Service Engineers
    who use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • A range of offerings to accommodate our customers’ various financial and risk management priorities

Reduced Risk, Predictable and Cost Effective Solutions
After manufacturer’s warranty expires, medical equipment service repair and replacement costs become a customer’s responsibility. Lumenis Service offers predictable and cost effective solutions for all types of accounts and budgets that can save our customers thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a Lumenis System.
Comprehensive, all-inclusive Lumenis Service Plans can help you save substantial money and lower the lifetime cost of ownership by covering all parts, accessories, labor and travel, and performing regular Preventative Maintenance check-ups. All these eliminate exposure to unpredictable substantial expenses and prevent many problems from ever occurring, while extending the life of the laser and optimizing its performance.
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  1. Under Premium Protection Plan, Total Protection Plan,and Enhanced Protection Plan. For more details please see the description of each plan.
  2. Subject to availability.
  3. Following training will be provided to a biomedical/clinical engineering personnel available at the time of installation and/or PM visits: basic theory of operation, user maintenance & cleaning, recognition & resolution of user error messages, training of user replaceable parts, general training on connection and maintenance of accessories.
  4. CMS Hospital Equipment Maintenance requirements, December 20, 2013: Survey-and-Cert-Letter-14-07.pdf.
  5. Accepted: New Hospital Requirements to Maintain Alignment with CMS. Joint Commission Perspectives (May, 2014). 34(5). http://