SAFE TREATMENTS with the world’s only dedicated IPL Ocular Eye Protection Shields

OPT Shields - IPL eye protection
OPT Shields - inner pack

OPT™ SHIELDS Optimal Safety Meets Exceptional Patient Comfort

OPT™ ocular IPL eye shields give you the confidence to perform intuitive, gentle IPL treatments around the delicate contours of the eye, on the eyelids, and malar region of the face without the interference of intrusive protective devices.

OPT Shields - inner pack



Optimal Safety icon

Optimal Safety

Effective IPL treatments start with the right protection. OPT™ IPL eye Shields feature five layers of pigment that block IPL energy applied near the eyes and on the eyelids while maximizing light reflection externally, providing safety and assurance.

Enhanced Treatment Flexibility icon

Enhanced Treatment Flexibility

OPT™ ocular eye Shields enable easy access to the delicate curves and contours around the eyes. They offer IPL eye protection when treating the eyelids areas, for treatment effectiveness.

Ease of Use icon

Ease of Use

Our soft lenses were designed for intuitive, gentle use by eye care practitioners. 
The procedure involves a simple removal of the disposable OPT™ IPL eye shields from the blister and effortless insertion into the eyes.

Patient-Centric Approach icon

Patient-Centric Approach

Our disposable IPL eye shields are gentle and comfortable to wear. They’re single-use and sterile to ensure optimal hygiene, patient comfort and satisfaction.

OPT™ eye shields for IPL treatments

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The OPT™ Shields release is per regional regulatory approval in the relevant jurisdiction.
OPT™ Shields is currently approved in the United States only.

Risks and warnings: Risk of Misuse, Re-sterilization, or Reuse of Device: Use in accordance with provided instructions. Misuse, including re-sterilization and reuse, may result in a range of negative clinical outcomes including contamination, infection requiring medical intervention, serious injury, irreversible patient impairment, including irreversible damage to the eyesight. Do not use the OPT Shield if it is not intact or pass its expiration date, or if you can see debris of pigmentation inside the blister. This product may be used only with IPL systems and with fluence up to 17.6J/cm2. Warnings – Potential Adverse Effects Any serious incident that has occurred in relation to the device should be reported to the manufacturer and the competent authority of the Member State in which the user and/or patient is established.

PB-00074060, Rev A