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“I have used the AcuPulse to perform over 500 CO2  laser procedures.  The most impressive features are its small footprint, mobility, and wide range of applications. The two scanners can be interchanged easily. One can perform conventional resurfacing and deeper fractional procedures.  The scanner technology allow for a wide range of injury patterns on the skin, so one can customize the treatment type ofr a particular pathology.  We have used it for skin conditions as varied as warts to syringomas to photo-damage. The Combo mode is especially helpful  as the unique injury patterns allow for deeper fractional treatments (e.g. for acne scarring), while still allowing for lighter conventional superficial resurfacing for pigment and fine lines (all in one pass).  Its SuperPulse technology allows me to be more aggressive when I need to, while maintaining a wide patient safety margin, which ensures my patients are satisfied with the results of their treatments after a single session.”

E. Victor Ross, MD; Director, Laser and Cosmetic Unit Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA

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AcuPulse™ physicians are reporting excellent results and high patient satisfaction with the treatment.

“I have found that FineTouch™ mode on AcuPulse™ has the precision that I need to treat fine pigmented lesions.  I have also found that FineTouch™ has the capability to ablate layers evenly into deep nevus cells with visual contact.  The FineTouch™ mode is very easy to control and easy to operate with minimum damage to normal tissue that is unrivaled by any other products.”

Dr. Nariaki Miyata, Director of Miyata Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Clinic, Japan

Treatment of irregular pigmented lesions with FineTouch™

Photos courtesy of Dr.Miyata, Japan.

Dr. Nariaki Miyata, Director of Miyata Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Clinic, Japan

“AcuPulse™ Combo mode is a MultiMode™ CO2 laser with both SuperPulse and continuous wave CO2 technologies for a concomitant deep and superficial impact. It enables treatment of common and challenging skin disorders characterised by textural and pigmented lesions. In the author’s experience, for patients having mild to moderate acne scarring, one single, combined, Deep and Superficial treatment using the Combo mode enables a high rate of improvement in scarring, as well as in skin tone, with no complications and with a short downtime.”

Photos courtesy of Dr.Francesca DeAngelis

Moderate Acne Scarring – Dr. Francesca De Angelis, Italy

Dr. Francesca De Angelis, Specialist in Plastic Surgery in DE.A. Center and Head of Plastic Surgery Dept. in Clinica Mediterranea, Italy

“AcuPulse™ with MultiMode allows me to be much more efficient in the delivery of both deep and superficial fractional laser treatments, enabling me to quickly deliver both modalities using the same handpiece. Initial results show a high level of patient satisfaction and efficacy for the treatment of photodamage, dyschromias and scars.”

Dr. Michael H. Gold, Medical Director of Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville, TN

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