CO2 Lasers Free Beam
Accessories for Head & Neck

Precise and Reproducible performance

As the CO2 Laser market pioneer in the Head & Neck specialty, Lumenis has been developing over the years a very wide range of FreeBeam accessories that are tailor made to the designated anatomy and all are based on surgeons’ feedbacks and requirements.
The comprehensive variety of CO2 laser accessories for Head & Neck are designed for incision, excision, vaporization and ablation of soft tissue in the ear, nasal cavity, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and upper trachea. The CO2 laser parameters and delivery modes can be adjusted to allow precision and simultaneous microvascular hemostasis. In Head & Neck, the Lumenis CO2 laser has become the hallmark of precision in delicate spaces with minimal thermal damage.

Micromanipulators Coupled To Surgical Microscopes

For CO2 laser microsurgery, free-beam surgical CO2 lasers are used with micromanipulators coupled to surgical microscopes.

The invisible carbon dioxide laser treatment beam and the red helium-neon laser aiming beam are focused at the same working distance as the microscope. The micromanipulator has a gimbaled mirror, situated in the view path of the surgeon, to direct the laser beams onto the tissue site. The surgeon manipulates a joystick to tilt the mirror and direct the laser beam precisely onto the desired target tissue.

To accommodate the physical dimensions of various microscopes, there are few models of the AcuSpot micromanipulator. Each is compatible with different microscope models (in example: Zeiss and Leica microscopes)

“I’ve used lasers for 30 years, primarily CO₂ lasers. I find the Digital AcuBlade a game changer by providing precise control and automatic treatment of large areas on the vocal cords in shapes of lines and circles that conform to the anatomy in a much faster and precise technique than the one that can be achieved by a human hand controlling the micromanipulator.”

Mark Courey, M.D., Professor, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Director, Division of Laryngology University of California, San Francisco

Digital AcuBlade Scanning Micromanipulator

The Digital AcuBlade Micromanipulator with SurgiTouch scanner delivers laser energy inside a user defined geometric shape. The rapid motion of the scanner, faster than a human hand can produce, takes the energy delivery and entire operation to its highest precision.

When the goal is to treat the pathology within the organ with maximum efficacy, while preserving organ functionality and minimizing adjacent healthy tissue damage, the Digital AcuBlade micromanipulator is an indispensable tool that can be used to safely incise, excise or ablate tissue, reducing the risk of complications. The Digital AcuBlade micromanipulator takes the performance of Line-of-site CO2 laser free beam, to a whole new sphere of precision and controlled tissue management.

The Digital AcuBlade delivers nearly char free, and shaped cutting, vaporization, and ablation to precise size and depth. While lasing, the surgeon uses the special joystick to direct the scan pattern onto the tissue target. The scanner moves the laser beam faster than a human hand can, thereby minimizing heat built up in tissue and creating virtually no char. Precision is assured by the nearly char-free and bloodless visual field and reproducible treatment depth.

Digital AcuBlade unique features:

  • Maximum control over incision length, ablation area and treatment depth.
  • Replicated tissue interaction, customized to patient anatomy and the shape of the undesired tissue.
  • Reduced operating time compared to conventional CO₂ laser microsurgery.

Lumenis also offers designated surgical tools for the oral cavity, nasal cavity and pharynx. These tools allow for high convenience and ease of use in the narrow and elongated nasal cavity and distant laryngeal spaces. Greatest precision is achieved when those tools are used in conjunction with the SurgiTouch scanner.

CO2 Free Beam accessories are uniquely compliant with Lumenis free-beam surgical CO2 laser models that direct the laser energy through an articulated arm: UltraPulse DUOUltraPulseAcuPulse DUO, and AcuPulse.

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