UltraPulse® DUO
CO2 Surgical Laser

Achieve the Master’s Touch

When it comes to precision and high-end performance, UltraPulse CO2 surgical laser is the ultimate solution. Now, Lumenis brings to you the UltraPulse DUO, a CO2 laser system that caters to physicians and surgical centers who demand excellence from themselves and their laser system. The UltraPulse DUO was meticulously developed with physicians and based on decades of accumulated experience and the Lumenis innovative approach, to meet a growing number of clinical challenges today.
The UltraPulse DUO system is designed to deliver CO2 laser energy via an articulated arm or through a Lumenis CO2 laser fiber. With UltraPulse DUO you don’t have to compromise – you can have the precision you desire as well as access to hard-to-reach anatomies.

UltraPulse DUO is an advanced computer-controlled, user-friendly CO2 pulsed laser platform.  It is based on a patented sealed-off CO2 laser tube providing up to 60 Watts of power. It can generate a continuous series of short-period, high-peak-power pulses. During the high peak power, the laser energy is delivered very rapidly resulting in vaporization of the targeted tissue without the creation of collateral injury.

The Lasing modes (UP and CW) can be alternated according to the desired tissue interaction while the three exposure modes (Repeat, Single & continuous) will allow comprehensive timed-controlled energy delivery.

The Lumenis UltraPulse DUO is the CO2 surgical laser system that allows surgeons to achieve the Master’s Touch.

Clinical Indications

The versatility of the DUO module extends your surgical capabilities and allows you to address a broad range of clinical indications in the operating room and in the outpatient environment. Lumenis provides you with a full suite of CO2 laser fibers and free beam surgical tools that are designated to precisely and delicately address clinical indications related to Head and Neck, Otology, Gynecology and general surgery pathologies.

UltraPulse DUO Unique Features

  • Combining Unparalleled Precision with Flexibility: UltraPulse DUO CO₂ surgical laser combines the unparalleled precision of the Digital AcuBlade™ Scanning Micromanipulator with the flexibility of the FiberLase CO₂ laser fiber. Seamlessly alternate between the CO₂ energy deliveries to ensure individualized patient care.
  • Address unexpected challenges: With the vital combination of precision and flexibility, you can be prepared to address unexpected challenges during a procedure. The comprehensive set of tools enables a complete operation without the need for additional procedures and hospitalization.
  • Experience clear and char-free margins: clear pathological outcomes as a result of adequate margin visibility. Clear and clean margins are a true value in pathology and a top goal in today’s operating room.
  • Smart tissue management: High preservation of adjacent delicate tissue results in fewer adverse events, adhesions and quicker recovery time.
  • Progress to the outpatient environment: Expand out of the traditional OR setting and periodically treat on recurring conditions under local anesthesia in the outpatient setting.

Paul Castellanos, M.D., the University of Alabama at Birmingham

“While scanning free beam technology is the gold standard for CO2 laser surgery, Head & Neck surgeons are often faced with patients who have access challenges to line-of-sight techniques, including the distal airway, which cannot be addressed with one single laser modality. With the scanning free beam and fiber integration in one CO2  laser solution, only available in the UltraPulse DUO, I am able to deliver unparalleled treatments throughout the larynx and aero digestive tract with full flexibility and precision.”

Paul Castellanos, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Digital AcuBlade Scanning Micromanipulator

Exclusively shaped for the articulated CO2 surgical laser arm it delivers laser energy inside a user defined geometric shape. The rapid motion of the scanner, takes the energy delivery and entire operation to its highest precision.

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The CO₂ Laser Fiber

Highly durable and flexible, the CO2 laser fiber allows easy access to difficult-to-reach anatomy and provides a variety of delicate treatment options.

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Lumenis Head & Neck Devices

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