Lumenis Vision Is Ready to Partner with Doctors Across the U.S. at 2023 Eyecare Meetings and Brilliance Vision Mastery Events

April 4, 2023
Lumenis at the eyecare meetings & brilliance vision mastey event.

Dr. Shelly Akazany, Director of Global Product Marketing
Laarni Cayetano, Director of Marketing, United States

At Lumenis, innovation is in our DNA, driving development of the technologies that transform eyecare. But innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. We thrive on personal connections. The doctors who partner with us share their knowledge, enabling Lumenis to maintain the in-depth, up-to-the-minute understanding of changing medical and business landscapes that we need to improve patient care.

Continuing our commitment to those personal connections, Lumenis will journey across the United States this year to every major eye care industry meeting, plus host our own mastery events called Brilliance. We’re excited to reunite with our valued partners and spark new relationships, too. We want to hear about your experiences and tell you all about the opportunities offered by our award-winning breakthrough OptiLight technology.

Lumenis at the eyecare meetings & brilliance vision mastey event.

Major industry meetings are the perfect chance for you to come see us at our exhibit booth and experience the first and only FDA-approved light therapy for dry eye management. We’re thrilled to show it to you!

See for yourself how OptiLight has earned its reputation as the solution of choice for dry eye. During the OptiLight tour across the U.S., we’ll be sharing knowledge, best practices, and success stories. Learn how we’re already helping busy doctors who thrive on cutting-edge technologies differentiate their practices and elevate care for patients with dry eye disease. We’ll even chat about new developments, like how we’ve introduced OptiLight 2.0 next-level workflow and initiated the second phase of our direct-to-consumer celebrity influencer campaign to educate patients with dry eye disease and connect them with OptiLight providers.

In the spirit of innovation, we’ve established Brilliance, a vision mastery event powered by Lumenis. Our goal was to take attendees beyond our cutting-edge technology to help them build the essential partnerships that will enable their practices to thrive through the sharing of knowledge, best practices, and success stories. We’d love to invite you to attend these series of unique, personal and exclusive educational gatherings to connect personally with the growing list of doctors using OptiLight.

Brilliance events have included educational sessions with esteemed doctors, on-site OptiLight certification, personalized OptiLight dry eye treatment, celebrity guests, advice on marketing and practice growth, and up-to-the-minute best practices. Delivered for professionals, by professionals, attendees can expect topics like dry eye practice marketing bootcamp, successfully broadening your service line, and incorporating cash-pay procedures into your practice. We personally enjoy our Brilliance events very much, and we know you will, too.

Whether you’re interested in getting a hands-on experience with OptiLight or you want to build partnerships with the Brilliance educational experience, Lumenis has committed to offering a strong presence in every region. After all, you are our inspiration. We know that through our connections and partnerships with you, we will continue to stay one step ahead, offering the latest and greatest technologies that add value to your practice. Please visit our website for a complete list of events.

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