How Will Your Patients Benefit?

Patient Benefits:

  • Faster Treatment Time
  • Ultimate Patient Comfort
  • Clinically Validated Efficacy

Ultimate Patient Comfort

ChillTip™ Technology improves patient comfort by cooling the skin prior to treatment and continuously cooling it throughout the treatment.

Clinically Validated Efficacy

Numerous clinical studies and peer review articles have validated the safety and efficacy of the technologies powering the LightSheer® DESIRE™ Light. Thousands of satisfied customers have been and are still benefiting from the gold standard performance and patient satisfaction. In addition to clinically proven hair removal and permanent hair reduction capabilities, the LightSheer DESIRE Light is also FDA cleared for the treatment of Pseudo Folliculitis Barbae (PFB), benign pigmented lesions, and leg veins, providing the operator with multi-application capabilities and versatility.

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