Versatile platform for those focused on practice growth, enables a customized approach across the broadest range of patients and treatment areas

  • Vacuum Assisted High-Speed Integrated Technology A large 22x35 mm spot size enables the use of low-fluence and with a unique mechanism for pain reduction provides effective, fast and comfortable treatment.
  • ChillTip™ Technology – Integrated contact cooling provides epidermal protection for treatment areas requiring precision and higher fluence

Indications For Use

  • Hair removal, permanent hair reduction, and the treatment for Pseudofolliculitis Barbae(PFB).
  • Treatment of vascular lesions, including angiomas, hemangiomas, telangiectasia, leg veins and other benign vascular lesions.
  • Treatment of benign pigmented lesions.


Platform LightSheer DUET
HandPiece ET HS
Technical Specifications:
Laser Type AIGaAs Diode Arrays AIGaAs Diode Arrays
Wavelength 805 nm (nominal) 805 nm (nominal)
Spot Size 9 mm X 9 mm 22 mm X 35 mm
Repetition Rate Up to 3 Hz Up to 3 Hz
Pulse repetition 1 Pulse 1-3 Pulse
Fluence 10-100 J/cm2 4.5-12 J/cm2
Pulse Width(OptiPulse) 5-400 ms 30-400ms
Peak Power 1600 W 2300 W
Comfort Management Chilltip contact cooling (5°C) Vacuum assist (up to 18 in Hg)
Preset Parameters Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
On-Site Service Yes; Replaceable handpiece Yes; Replaceable handpiece
Platform Specifications :
Electrical 100-240 VAC, 15 A max. | 50/60 Hz. | Single-phase grounded outlet
Weight 48 kg(105 lbs)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 44 x 50 x 112 cm; (17.4 x 19.7 x 44 in)
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