How Will Your Practice Benefit?

Improve Patient Flow & Revenue Potential Pratice Benefits

Treat More | Attract More | Convert More | Make More

High Speed LightSheer Duet will also change your staff’s perception of laser hair removal and significantly improve patient flow.

Using this technology enables you to: 

  • Shorten treatment time using the High Speed handpiece
  • Attract more patients due to treatment speed, comfort, affordability
  • Enjoy a higher rate of prospect conversion and positive referrals
  • Grow your patient base and increase your practice revenue potential
  • Differentiate your practice to better compete in today’s marketplace

ROI Scenario 1: Optimize Your Procedure Volume & Revenue Potential

Assumption BEFORE High Speed LightSheer WITH High Speed LightSheer
Backs or Legs $450 per procedure $450 per procedure
Max. Daiy Volume 6-9 procedures per day 18 total per day
Max.Volume Logic 9 hour day
60-90 min per session
(longer w/topical anesthetic)
9 hour day
30 min per session
(no topical needed)
Estimated Revenue Potent al $2,700 - 4,050 $8,100
Note : Hypothetical assumption based on LightSheer Duet treatment speed and regional pricing

“Larger treatment areas like the back and legs tend to be the most profitable, but are also considered the most tedious. Before, nurses didn’t like to do these procedures and in some cases resisted them altogether – typically citing wrist fatigue, sore shoulders and lower back aches. Now with the High Speed LightSheer the procedure is much faster and requires less effort by the hair removal nurse. The vacuum assist technology does more of the work and improves patient comfort as well. Easier on the nurse and the patient…it’s terrific!”   Beth Haney, NP (CNP & Clinical Trainer, California) 

ROI Scenario 2: Differentiate Your Practice & Gain Competitive Advantage

LightSheer Duet also enables you to lower your costs, providing you an excellent opportunity to pass on savings to your current and prospective laser hair removal clients – as well as a distinct competitive advantage in some markets.
“Not having to apply a topical anesthetic is a huge advantage, because neither the patient nor the practice has to incur that cost…and no treatment gel is used with the high speed handpiece.  Due to the shorter treatment times, we don’t have to charge as much. Practices offering  laser hair removal can now compete more effectively with spas. We were able to reduce our prices by 50%, which makes the procedure more affordable…”
Dore Gilbert, MD, (Dermatologist, California)

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