WEEE Information for Lumenis Customers and Recyclers

Collection and Recycling Arrangements in Belgium

Lumenis products are sold in Belgium by distributors. The distributors act as the importer of the equipment into Belgium. Thus the distributors have the legal responsibility to:

  • Register as the WEEE producer in Belgium.
  • Provide arrangements for collection and recycling of WEEE arising from Lumenis products that the distributor sells in Belgium.

Please contact the distributor in Belgium below to understand what arrangements he has made for the collection and recycling of WEEE arising from Lumenis products:

De Ceunynck Medical
Products:Ophthalmic, Aesthetic
Street Address: Kontichsesteenweg 36, B-2630 Aartselaar
Country: BELGIUM
Phone: 32 3 870 37 63
Fax: 32 3 877 27 06
Main Contact: Jean Pierre Kinet
Contact 2: Ralph van den Eynden
Regional Manager: Remco Schmitz

Arseus Hospital
Street Address: Boomsesteenweg 524, 2610 Wilrijk
Country: BELGIUM
Phone: 32-3-830 7300 / 32 475 249 940
Fax: 32-3-825 2370
Main Contact: Jean – Luc Missoul
Regional Manager: Remco Schmitz